FPS Style Movement Help

Hi everyone.

I am currently working on a crazy maze game. (Okay, it sounds pathetic but it is a start for a n00b).

My Problem:
I need to the controll like an FPS game, for instance DOOM 3 or Halo 2. All it needs to be is to be able to look with the mouse and move in that direction. I have searched for tutorials on it and havn’t found any. So if anyone out there has any links to tutorials that could help me or if you know how to do it yourself please tell me.

Thank You

ZVWolf :-?

Mods, you need to sticky something like this.

Anyway, check this thread out:

EDIT: Look at z3r0 d’s first reply.

Not to sound rude, but I searched “mouse script” and came up with that…Please search next time, even if you think that no one has posted it before.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

1st. Thanks for the reply
2nd. I can’t access z3r0 d’s fps movement tutorials because the link is down.
3rd. I did do searches in this forum (though not exactly “Mouse script” searches)

Anyway I am still looking,


you could have pm-ed me

http://geocities.com/z3r0_d/files/fps_parts_tut.zip [copy/paste]

you WILL need to know python and also this is advanced stuff in game blender. You should do something more simple first

[and because I’m lazy I’d rather not help you… no offense but explaining the basics I find very dull]

Thanks for the posts. You guys have made my day much easier. Thanks a lot to z3r0 d for the demo’s. I am about 90% finished my first level of my maze game. I will aim to keep you all updated.

Thanks Again.