FPS Template

(Skywalker2161) #1

FPS Template (for beginners)-Blender 2.6

-Easy to understand
-Some models that you can animate

-Advanced templates coming soon


ENJOY :slight_smile:

(leonnn) #2

Good basic template skywalker, may the force be with you! I m waiting for your advanced templates!
Thanks for share!
What makes me more impressed is that you are not even asking for credits this is honorable from you man, I would add credits if I use your work but I m like that too, I dont care about creditation what I share i share for good!

(Skywalker2161) #3

Thanks :slight_smile: ,may the force be with you! :slight_smile:

(SkeloPatch) #4

wow, this is great! More than likely going to use this template for my game!

(w0ndermented) #5

Thank you so much, I will be using this! are you curious yet? :slight_smile:

(Cotaks) #6


If u dont mind i gonna use the arms.

Btw where did u get the arms from? u did not bone it urself right?
u got 3 wrist L and wrist R, where 2 of them are parented and the official (without a 1 or 2 in its name) is floating around and can be deleted.

but if u have made it urself, why are u using 3 times the same bone on each side?

(ChromaGem) #7

hi its been a few months old thread, well i just want to try your temp but link’s gone… anyway if anyone have a copy of any fps temp, would you mind to share, just doin’ some research…

(nsrosenqvist) #8

+1 to this :slight_smile:

(rzhi) #9


Is the file still available? Trying to dload it and test it out. I’m getting this error from Pastebin:

mmmh… either the file doesn’t exist or was deleted; or the file is password protected and you gave the wrong password…

(TB0Y298) #10

I think this is just dead lol :confused:

(Sepiroth) #11

seems that way. theres plenty of templates about anyways :smiley: