FPS/TPS I have been thinking.

I am working on some models of people and guns. I was wondering…do you think it would be possible to make a custom weapon system? I have figured out that i would have to use empties and layers with some parenting. For instance if i Press Q default weapon handle changes and if i press E the default barrel changes. Do you think with proper tweaking and working out little details this could be used? Or should i just go UberBasic as i am a novice at this?

Yes, that’s pretty straight forward. Be sure to place the center of the empty at the center of where the new object will be added. I might play with this for fun.

yeah its been buggin me since i played amry of two. Though I can make vast improvements such as pistols with custom barels etc…not sure yet though…And only problem now is different guns have different lengths and such… maybe do different set for each type or something…hmmm I also had thought about this for custom characters as well. But i dont think blender and handle that as of yet…I dont use the latest blender due to not liking the interface as of yet.

I did have a moving character done but the character moves ackwardly and seems all its axis is wrong or something…i would also need to figure out how to parent the weapon to the character…oh the decisions and things to work out… I finally got back into 3d I used max and maya infact i have both installed but the interface has to much going on at once for my taste. Though i know its good for doing enviroments and other little stuff. Frankly Im glad for blender3d its 3d for the people. By the way Med i was going to use a Scene Overlay for the customize system. only problem will come in at saving such a customization for later use. Eh i will find other people to help me work out the details later lol. My brain always is working on things. I will keep you posted on my progress.

My idea works. I’m working on a paid render today, but I made a really fun quick demo file. I’ll post it later. Gives me some ideas…

There are indeed alot of things that can be done with this. I need to work on a interface/scene to handle this part of the gameproto. So far what ive done is build everything sperately in different blend files in order to work out each idea seperately. though…i have yet to grasp the animation and sequences…especialy when i have different moving parts… Either way I will post my SS of my interface look once im done.

This system should work quite well, but you may have to parent a dummy to the custom parts for things like bullet creation (that is if you use the shapes origin to align it in the first place).

It would be quite easy too for a properties based cyclic system of selection. Give each part a property (like an integer), and have a property that counts up. As the second property reaches certain numbers the object with that property gets created. If that number changes it is ended- e.g.

Pistol (property)
Short barrel property = 1
Silencer property = 2

If pistol property = 1 add object (short barrel)
If pistol property does not equal =1 end object (short barrel)
If pistol property = 2 add object (silencer)
If pistol property does not equal =2 end object (silencer)

and so on. To go back to Pistol (property) = 0 just assign Pistol (property) = 3 -AND- property assign Pistol (property) = 0.

thanks! i was wondering about that. I am in not rush to complete this its been a goal of mine for awhile to get done so as long as i get it done im happy. I will play with your suggestion and see if i can get it work. Ive had problems with getting animations. like one animation of character for pistol shotgun etc. Blender has no sequence namer that i can get working correctly. Thanks again guys for the input i really appreciate the help i will post a SS sometime soon. i am working on the gunshop customization scene. and or overlay not sure which would be best…

No problem, I look forward to seeing what you come up with!



Okay i have the pistol shop owner model sketched up. TammyTheEnigma. not the pretiest thing in the world but good enough for the purpose.:evilgrin: will post a link as soon as i get it uploaded to my website.

Weapon Customization Shop interface layout. They Grey outline in the purple area is the pistol or rather a pistol. By Clicking on it you can use the default or add new parts such as scope, magazine with more ammo, longer barrel etc. Also the shop keeper model is present though looks so terrible right now. …

Here is some pics of my works. the latest addition is the layout for the gun shop interface.

Link is broken. Facebook is fussy about such things. Privacy settings?

I will have it fixed in a jiffy. I will just build a website for the development. the address will be here. http://cgagamdev.webs.com/index.htm i should have everything up within a few hours i hope.

oh and yes i know gamedev is spelled wrong that was a oversight on my part typing to fast yields errors. If anyone has any questions or what not dont hesitate to ask.