[FR-EN] Advanced Moving Script for the BGE V2.0 (Download)

Hello, my name is Hack0re and today, i release my Advanced moving script for the BGE.

Warning, this script only work with Character Physics Type. It does not work with Dynamic Physics Type.

The script include 95% of the instructions, in French and in English (142 Lines Header :yes:).

I will add more improvements in the near future…

Its my first real script, i just started in python, please be indulgent.


-Perfect for a FPS game.

-5 minutes needed to set in place (and even then).

-Moving in all directions, Diagonals and Running working perfectly, :eyebrowlift:.

-No pass through Walls or Sliding on ground.

-Walk speed and Running speed can be easyly edited in-game (Properties).

-Jump function with number of jumps can be changed in real time (You just unlocked the double jump :D).

/The jump hight not working for in-game, im sorry (if someone know how to do…).

-If the properties are not added, the script automatically use the default values.

-All the keyboard inputs can be “easyly” changed in-game :p, for making all the players happy :D.

-All the necessary instructions are include in the script (in French and English).

I think thats all.

If you have improvements for the script to offer me (like a correct English traduction…) i will be happy.


V2 (17/09/2015): https://mega.nz/#!m1cRlDIC!wrD1ovEznhxLGssZY26sndRUFv9amtsu_wVg_8VZ60Y

Please dont remove the Top Header.

Have a nice day and please help me to improve this script.

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Please give me your feedback.

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Hi, thanks for this.
I will try it. :smiley: