Fracture It

Hi, this addon was to be an update for 2.8 but confusion ensued and we might have missed the boat.
I thought I would share it here as it’s really really good. Thanks must go to @gappy for his awesome work updating and creating this script. Based off the Cell Fracture addon and his Crack It addon, they are now 1 powerhouse with improved workflow and ui across the board. I went through and reworked the ui so everything is readable and workflow based.

Enjoy. The addon can take some time if used on large vert count mesh, but for general purpooses works a treat. (275.5 KB)


Thank you Sir :slight_smile:

Many thanks :+1:

Thank you @Meta-Androcto

Where do we go for updates on this?

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Thanks a lot

it’s in nightly builds, addons contrib section

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