Fracture Modifier

Well, I am doing some tests with fracture Modifier but after exporting the file as Alembic to Blender newer versions it is showing the Fractures like in the picture. What am I doing wrong?

That looks like wrong normals or autosmooth?

Recalulate the normals and check if autosmooth is turned on for the object. Also check smooth and flat shading

How can I recalutate the normals? Autosmooth is turned on for the object.

I don’t think it’s a normals problem, it looks more like autosmooth problem. To solve autosmooth I think you know.

But if the problem is really the normals, first you are going to join all the objects in a single mesh otherwise you need to repeat the same to each part of the fractures.

After joining them, in edit mode, you select everything and go to “mesh”, “normals” and “recalculate outside”.

After that you can separate again the fractures selecting “mesh”, “separate” and “by loose parts”.

That’s all.

But the problem IS that autosmooth is activated. If autosmooth is activated you need to go to object data properties and under “normals” you need to select “autosmooth” and tweak the angle if necessary.

Again, this should be done to each of the objects, so you need to select all objects and with one of them as the active one you make the change I said, then you right click on the selection box of “autosmooth” ans then in “copy to selected”.

Tha’s it.

You dont need too blender has multiedit mode. Just select all and go into edit mode but does it work with so many objects?

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That was what I was afraid of. I know we have the problem of the origins changing. But I am quite sure that the problem is the lack of the “autosmooth”.

And yes, changing the origin points will mess up physics.

Well, I made a test with 256 objects here, muti object edit will not be a problem.

Yes, I got the same problem here when activated the shade smooth to the fractures. With autosmooth activated everything is fine.

Thank you both, it’s fine now.

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