fracture voronoi

Is anyone working on a voronoi diagram shattering system? It seem to be quite easy to do for coders. You can find several free maxscript (3dsmax) to do that. This system is the one used on every commercial destruction plugin. The debris result is very convincing.
Should be better than the actual fragmentation in blender 2.5.

maybe this tutorial can help you

This is not voronoi. This is the basic fracture system as you can find in Blender 2.5 now.

voronoi fragments are better. See samples :

How do you achieve that? :slight_smile:

I don’t. That is commercial plugin for 3ds max or maya results. I hope someone to code voronoi fracture for Blender.

hmmm :confused: Well they do look a lot better. Hope they get implemented in the next version!

i believe voronoi was mentioned in the original 2.49 fracture tool development. i guess it got lost in the drive to update to 2.5x