fracturing objects explode

So, whenever I fracture an object in 2.5 and then use setup fracture shards to make them rigid bodies, they all just fly away from each other when I simulate it. I apply the rotation and scale, fracture the object, apply the rotation and scale again, setup the shards, and apply the scale again and they refuse to stay together when I simulate it, can someone help?

Can’t upload blend files right now for some reason, but basically i want the object to stay together until it hits something like this:
instead of breaking apart right away like this:

If you speek german look at this:
Its actualy only the FPS of the game engine which I turned to its maximum to sove that problem… and the physic steps which I set to 5 (also the maximum)
You can change all these settings in the world settings (where you can change the background color too)

Thanks, i setting the fps and hpysics substeps up helps, but what really fixed it was making the cube a rigidbody first with a convex hull collider and zero margin (as opposed to using the setup fracture shards tool) I still have trouble with fractures over 150 or so…but i don’t think the script was meant to be that accurate…

I also have this issue, how did you fix it? im just trying to make a cube in fracture tool, but everytime i run the sim it just explodes, i tried turning max to 5 substeps to 5. and trying to make ridgid body first, always just explodes.