Frakas Dream!

yay! finally…

I’m reaally glad to finally post something after all that time, it’s been a while since my last thread…

So, this time is Fraka’s moment to appear officially, made with 2.41, 2.42 and 2.43.

Nothing else to say, here is the image:

A high res version (1920x1080px) is available at:

Some screenshots and a little explanation (in english y español!) in the blog at my site ( )

CGtalk thread for all those cgtalkers =)

That’s all folks :smiley:
hope you like it, any comments are as always welcome.

Thats gorgeous, i love the rich colors.

Congratulations a definate 5 stars

cooooool! you are the groso! :yes:


Just awesome…

Al fin conseguiste tu escena nocturna, ¡¡¡FELICIDADES MAESTRO!!!

(Your nigthy still is finihed. CONGRATULATIONS TEACHER!!! – o algo así–)

Muchachito eres mi ídolo, te odio very very mucho.

(little boy you are for my de best [-- sorry @ndy XD you are the second] – I hate you mucho mucho much) --o algo así–

Solamente quitarme el sombrero ante ti my fiend.Has conseguido hacer que TU mundo Toon sea muy realista, eres en Blender a lo equivaldría ser el Rey de la Gomaespuma y de los monigotes de silicona. Erres el Rey del toon.

Nada que comentar, me encanta todo, ya te lo restregaré todo el dia que te vea :wink:

Se despide atentamente un seguidor, un fan y un amigo.

Saludos Wirlow


Gracias por alegrarme la vista de nuevo.

Second that, though I don’t know what it means :D. I’ve just watched the vids in your blog. How did you replace the monkey in the material preview with that carrot :confused: . BTW, the vids are mixed up, the one that says barn model is actually fraka’s and vice versa.

Keep up the good work


WOA, man!!! Awesome!!
And the process you describe in your blog … what a process!!!

Simply amazing!

Fantastic lighting. 5 Stars from me

Very nice image, love the colors! Your work is very inspiring. Glad you’re back :smiley:

Very inspiring indeed. 5 stars. no point arguing. Love your work

Very, very nice.

am i the only one that seems to have noticed an excess of arts involving dreams lately?

Really great ! The only thing that disturbs me is the too contrasted moon on the left, it catches the eye away from the main character.
So, you should darken your moon, IMHO.

I voted 5 stars though :stuck_out_tongue:

Totally amazing!!! 5 stars for sure!

Really cute bird btw. :slight_smile:

that kicks ass, great lighting and modelling and composition.

Love your style! *****

Nice detail with the moon >_o

Thanks to all! wow it’s weird to read all those nice comments after not posting anything in a year! you should insult me badly for not working!!

Thanks! links are fixed now =) about the carrot, just edit the /release/datafiles/preview.blend in your source files. And compile it with datatoc (the same that you do when making an splash, there is a lot of documentation on how to change it.),


Nice work!



What can I say that hasn’t been said before? I want to merry you, I want to have your kids! Too bad I am a man! Five stars!