Frame-based motion blur

Is there frame-based motion blur in 2.40, i checked the release log and i couldn’t find it. If there is a plugin in the sequence editor, could someone point me in its direction. Thanks.

What do you mean by frame-based?


If you mean motion blur that is calculated on a frame by frame basis, then that’s what blender has. (AFAIK, that’s what every other 3D package on the planet has) Or maybe you mean motion blur that is generated by taking two frames and blurring the differences? Well, you can do that in PS or Gimp, so there’s no real reason to have that in blender, since it is a kludgy speed hack. But whatver floats your boat, man/

I think a Photoshop-style simple blur would be useful, because otherwise the object would have to be rendered to frames, each frame would have to be blurred with Photoshop, and the whole thing would have to be composited back into the movie. Serious pain.

Or VirtualDub’s filter for animations… does give a “kludgy” effect, tho. Blender’s internal provides “intra-frame” blur (depending on your settings) that is far superior to post-pro like in VD. Just takes a butt-load of time to generate, is all.

I think he’s talking about Vectoral Motion blur. It’s on the Orange Wishlist…and it’d be a nice addition to the render engine. I’m hoping it gets added in 2.41…/patiently waits for 2.41 :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, sorry, I guess the kind of motion-blur I’m talking about would only apply to animations, where instead of having alot of extra frames rendered, and then merging them, you just use the previous few and the next few frames for the blur. It would save lots of time although its a kludgy speed hack. I’m sorry, i know there’s a proper word for it i just can’t remember it.