framerate drop due to IPO?

Dear wizkids,

I made a walkthough game using the template but now I ran into a problem.
When I open a curtain (near-sensor + key makes a IPO flipper) the frames per second drop from 27 to 11 and stay there untill I flipper again (=reverse the IPO); then the frames go back up to 27.
I have several other IPO’s running and none give this problem.
Anyone got any idea??

Does anyone know of some good links to download free musicloops to use as “muzak” backgroundmusic?

Thanks in advance,

could it be the physics?

as in, collision detection with that object is somewhat harder when it has moved to that spot?

It seems to be a problem with the near-sensor; I took the 4 of them away and used only key sensors to activate IPO functions. Now I have no more framerate fluctuations, which is certainly better…
Does anyone know of an alternative for the near-sensor?

you could check locations with a pythonscript or two but there might be a better way

An easy way is to parent a sphere to the object and when your character collides with the sphere it opens. Make sure you turn ghost on in the gamebuttons, and make it invisible. I’m not sure how well this would work for a flipper curtain thing, but it might.