Hi guys.

After being using Blender for years I finally decided to join the blender artists community :). To start I would like to present you my recent sculpture. It’s a 3D concept of a character that may be used in a future game that we are planning at the company I work. 90% of the sculpt was done in Blender using dynamic topology. Then I exported to Zbrush to a quick retopo and added some finer texture and detail. Back to Blender to render using cycles. No fancy materials, just a diffuse with a bit of specular. Used IBL for ilumination.

PS. Frankie was based on Frankenstein’s monster but should not be seen as a direct reference just and inspiration.

Hope you like it. Comments and critics are welcome.

Fantastic! Welcome to BlenderArtists :slight_smile:

nice start btw! :slight_smile:

welcome to blenderartist. great sculpt!

Textured version please ! ! ! Wonderful and detailed sculpting, wonder how it will light up with textures . . .

Welcome to the club!
Excellent first post.
Thank you for sharing your artwork.

Great work, and nice take on the character. :slight_smile:

Thank’s everyone.

Maybe in the future I’ll spend more time on the character to do the textures and maybe the body.