Frank's Day Out - 3D Adventure Game

New screens! I’ve worked on the in game renderer quite a bit, as well as the first island, Title Screen and GUI.

Working on a vehicle for Frank to drive about in. It’s pretty crazy looking…

Blender is such an awesome tool! Really looking forward to texturing and animating this, should be a lot of fun!

That’s a nice and simple vehicle concept. It matches the style of the game, from what I saw so far. But I wonder if the game engine would tolerate some more control loops for the mesh?

Hi minoribus, thanks for your comments. What do you mean exactly by:

Do you mean to smooth mesh by subdividing or using additional vertices for detail? It got me thinking anyway, I should totally raise the racing line on the front of the vehicle, very subtle but should look nice.

Yes, I meant the latter option. Your concept images show sharp edges and the mesh is more rounded at the moment. Instead of adding additional loop cuts and thus adding vertices you could perhaps instead use edge creasing - but I don’t now if the game engine supports that.

I’ll look into it. Trying to keep it under 10K triangles so shouldn’t be an issue. This article describes a couple of different ways to achieve sharp edges in Blender. I’l try them out (think second option is best for game models).

Thanks for the awesome feedback, means a lot!

I finished the GO-Kopter™! There are some in-game screens below. This was a lot of fun to build and I’m very much looking forward to creating the rest of the game assets. Going to create some proper trees next. Thinking about animating them so they dance in time to the in-game music…

Oh, additionally this happened the first time I configured the Wheel Colliders in Unity…