Fray Of Heros, unity 4.6 game. *Weapons and Armor*.

Hello, i am currently solo working on this blender x unity game based off the idea of Sword Art Online.

Videos of game play are in the links below

(Please Note: This will be made and set into the Pre-Alpha Game on steam when working in correct fashion.)

For my required needs Please Read some specifications below.

(Please Note: any item you make and added into the game will get a price attached to it for visual cosmetic price and 50% will be paid off to the maker/designer once the game is released.)

poly count 0-300. texture resolution, 128/128, spec map and normal map. per item.

theme is old midevil/anime.

  • Head: - Helmets, masks.
  • Must fit around the starting cube in the blender default scene.
  • Left/Right arms/Legs. roughly 2 cubes stacked on top one another

Weapons consist of only melee. sheilds, swords, dagger, axes, hammers, mace, tonfa etc.

thank you for your time, Juane.

Hmmm… looks like you posted an invalid link because i’m getting a 404 error.

it seems to work on mine :L its fine though ill upload a video of the game tonight :slight_smile: