Freakin a, why is blender so weird... (BUG)

I have a fun parenting bug.

I’ve created this blend entirely in 2.43. I’d like to see if anybody can reproduce it on your computers.

Create a blender scene, delete everything except the default plane or object.

In the gamebuttons, add a collision sensor. blank or you can put something in it, as long as there’s a collision sensor on the object.

Now create an empty or any other object.

Parent the original shape (the one with the collision sensor) onto the empty.

Move the empty sideways a few notches.

Press play…

Annnnd watch the plane skyrocket to the side.

Does it do it on your computers too?

go put your head in a microwave. (* SErious //angryis.))* Poopy)(*&^

I don’t think that’s very constructive.

Seriously, I’m asking you to try this out and see if it doest he same thing that my blend file does.

Karaoke…no shame, eh?


Got the 'ol 404 error when I tried to download. Could you check that?


Pooba, I was able to duplicate the bug by following your instructions. The strange thing is that it doesn’t occur until after you parent the cube, then move the parent. I’m going to play around with a little more to see if I can find the trouble, but I’d say go ahead and submit it on malCanDo’s bug thread with the same setup description you posted here. BTW, as mentioned, your .blend is Error: 404.

It’s also weird that it requires a collision sensor on the object. If you remove that the bug just goes away. Maybe i’ll just work around and use a touch sensor instead… oh yay, now i just tested that and it does the same thing. Joy, Joy, Joy…

yes, i’ve had this problem too.

i think it happens with any of the object detection logic bricks when your parenting.

Well it needs to be fix-ed.

yea, I dont know either! :frowning: