This is the best head I’ve ever modeled. His name’s Fred.

And here’s the movie:

He’s a stuck-up rich guy who made it in life looking back on the childhood of one of his friends who didn’t make it(i.e. they’re in trouble with the law). This is supposed to be comical, like the Woody Allen movie Take the Money and Run.

[EDIT]I will be fixing the sound. I will post it when it’s finished.

[EDIT2] Woops, wrong image. I fixed it.

I like it …

It looks ok…

The ear looks a bit odd. Either the lighting or the materials make this look a bit fake…


I know. I’m no good when it comes to ear modelling. But I’m still learning. I know it could be improved with some more time.

Probably both. But I take it as a compliment that you’re pointing out the things that make it look fake, rather than the things that make it look real.

And thanks deathguppie, and thank you Aligorith.