Freda -- first human (2/3rds of a flight pack)

Really awesome work thus far, BlackBoe, and ditto on the detailed clothing - top notch. I really dig the knit collar there, gives it a serious side :slight_smile:

craigomatic: Hey, thanks. :] I’m fond of the sweater collar myself.

Anyway. I didn’t get alot done today, but I did get to mess around with hair, courtesy of Janne’s particle system and Brecht’s new strand renderer! I love you both, you wonderful big lugs.

It’ll still need tweaking, but it’s about as close to the original style I had in mind as I guess I’ll get, for now.

EDIT: No eye-lashes/brows right now, I’ll do those a bit later, once I’ve gotten more done and can play around a little more.

Awesome model and hair! Can we see particles setup for it, please?

Great as always.

Wow. I really need to try out that new particle system:eek:.

And of course the model deserves a wow as well. Great model, cool clothes. Can you post a screenshot of the topology of the face? I’d be interested to see how you did it, since I’m having a few topology issues with the face I’m working on at the moment.:slight_smile:

And are you going to put her into a scene of any kind (eventually)?

beautiful! inspired! and inspiring

Wow that is HAWT I cant wait to play around with the new particle system! :slight_smile: If only I knew how to get it now :frowning: anyway keep it up this is looking awesome.

I… have to… Try. These. Particles !

:stuck_out_tongue: That and the meshdeformation…

Hmm, I don’t get this,
I’ve been subscribing to this thread since it started, but I never got any e-mail notification related to it. Just now I discovered the gmail has put all the daily notifications in my spam folder. No other notifications from Blender Artists end up there. This thread originally contained “(nudity)” in the title; can there be any other reason for Google to think of this as spam?

Any way, very nice modelling BlackBoe. The title now says “(hair)” - did I miss any images?

/ Mats

EDIT: Never mind, I just discovered there are more than one page.

That’s looking awesome. Great modeling. I’m looking forward to seeing some updates.

Fuzzmaster: ‘always’ might be pushing it. :stuck_out_tongue:

For BlendItAll.
Also for Motorsep. Heh, there’s the particle setup. :stuck_out_tongue: Try making that with curve guides only if you have a death wish. Cutting and combing tools ftw.

Most of yesterday’s available blend time was wasted making a jetpack which turned out to be done all wrong, so I deleted it and started over today. There’s not a lot, but it’s a start.

Interesting jet pack, looks intestingly designed, are you going to include the one thing most people forget and include a clothing guard against the booster flame heat?

Ooooh and i suppose i better ask wheather you are going to finnish it.

There will be a guard, also a parachute

don’t ask if I’ll finish it, you’ll jinx it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet Mesh! The only crit I would have is that the wisps should be a bit more free-floating and not so stuck to the head.

The jetpack is great. It looks like it was engineered, not like a ‘Buck Rodgers’ “Backpack with attitude”.

Apart from that, the anatomy is great and the clothes look very natural. Excellent! Is this for a game or for an animation?

Ah, thankyou for the screenshot. Very interesting…:wink:

tea_monster: yeah, the hair will be yet cleaned up further.

thanks, btw. I’m not sure if she’ll be in an animation, but she won’t be for a game.

2/3rds done the flight pack, I think.

I think you should change your nick to ‘meastro’ :yes: - great great + great. Really inspiring stuff…

ok just stop - you’re making my cry

Coming along very nicely. I second the kudos on the jetpack, looks refreshingly different to most. It would be a shame to not see her animated, or at least a basic walk cycle or something as this would be a very in-depth test of the mesh-deform system - that and you would probably get a huge sense of satisfaction to see her all moving well (clothes, anatomy etc all linked together)