freda, rocketeer scout - tone painting

Finally got something like free time. I sketched this, one afternoon.

EDIT: I did a really quick half-hour tone map over it, to see if I can turn it into something worth painting.

Freda Beckenbauer, Rocketeer Scout

I might make a 3d model of her, it depends; free time availability is pretty spastic, and I have a couple other things to do. : /

I like it!
Perspective on the wing thingies is somewhat weird though.
She should make for a fine model, if you find the time. :slight_smile:

thanks. :]

also: lunchbreak miniupdate, painted and tried to fix the perspective–but not very hard yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

good sketch, I like it too!

I find her right foot “strange”.

Before you start painting, you might want to extend the right side to the right a bit more. She’s sitting right in the center of the composition now. Also part of the highlight on her left forearm is in the shadow of her left knee (ie: shouldn’t have a highlight.) You’ve got a nice drawing, good mood and I really don’t see anything off with the perspective.

I cleaned up the rest of the shading (I got your thing with the forearm, orinoco :p) and I might try painting it now. I know she’s in the middle of the picture, btw, but it’s a portrait.

I just felt the need to drop in and say hi. How’s it going?

It is nice, but add more contrast. Contrast’ll make it even more interesting.

:stuck_out_tongue: Good to see you’re still around!

Hee hee hee. I don’t know what a Tone Map is, but if thats what gives it that oil painting effect thingy, howdja do it? I reaaaaaallly like that tone map thing i think.

She almost looks like she could get up and walk away,
damn I have been in the 3d world to long!! :slight_smile: