Free 3d dragon models?

I’d like to ask you if you know where to find good 3d models of humanoid dragons (or dragon model generator working in similar way to MakeHuman) for free. Googling didn’t show anything relevant, but maybe I can’t just ask google properly.

Preferably I’d like it as Blender model (if possible already rigged) or OBJ.

Also I’ve registered long time ago, but confirmation e-mail just slipped into my mailbox today.

I just googled ‘free dragon 3d model’ and found quite a few. The first result was for turbosquid and has 8 free models, the quality of some doesn’t look the best. 2nd result was for a blender model that is rigged at turbosquid. 3rd result is for a model in 3ds format, which blender can import… and so on…


Yeah. I googled for it too, but it turned out that most of those models aren’t free and those of it which are… Well, there are either crappy or non-humanoid (i need bipedal dragon).

Ahh… sorry the biped part didn’t ‘stick’ in my mind when I googled…


I did not know there was a such thing as a bipedal dragon…a flying dinosaur, or a handicapped dragon???..sorry I am just playing… Educate me please…I am curious. I really do not know what you mean.

I do believe when Rave says “humanoid” or “Bipedal” dragons he might be referring to Wyverns.
Sadly My google search didn’t bring up much in the way of free models, perhaps you’ll have better luck knowing their technical name?

Quality, Free, Humanoid
Pick two :slight_smile:

I believe “spyro” is bipedal.

Bipedal Dragons have wings and feet, but they also stand upright and have hands as well (according to all the illustrations I’ve seen).

Bipedal - arms, wings, and legs
Wyvern - wings, legs, no arms
Quadrupedal - front and back legs, wings, no arms.

I have personally not seen a Dragon generator, but making a powerful one with as many possibilities for Dragons as Makehuman has for humans would be more difficult as there’s more variables to consider (like horns, spines, wings, tail length, ect…)