Free 4K Textures

As Texturefun team, we have uploaded a total of 300 coatings to our site on free texture. Our site is a new project.

It is to provide free resources for game manufacturers as well as all visual producers in the architectural visualization and 3d sector globally.

Each coating in the site has 1K - 2K - 4K Resolution as well as channels for each resolution (normal map, reflection, heigh map, diffuse map etc.)

Game makers can use these skins wherever they want, they are only requested to indicate where they use our site address.

Currently, there are 450 coatings on our site. Our goal is to deliver 1000 free skins to users.

Free PBR Textures :point_left:
Free contents: 1K - 2K - 4K high quality texture
450 Free Textures in total adding more…

Target 1000 free texture.

Diffuse Map | Reflection Map | Normal Map | Height Map | Specular Map :point_left: All map textures are free


Thanks. Textures look great :+1:

Dayum. These look pretty good! Thanks bro!

Thank you for providing free resources (textures) but what is the license?
A texture (or model, node, brush, etc) without a license is unusable.

Example of license page:

CC0 would be perfect :+1:

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Welcome to BA and thanks for the resource.
What I’d like to know is, why you are packing this into a store?
There are plans, I guess?

Hi, looks all good but I am not like to give you my telephone number for account creation. Is this really necessary?

CHeers, mib

Exactly my thougts. That’s why I believe theres more to it.

I am not likely to register at all. Registration data == data to be sold or “stolen”, these days.

I had register to this forum, hm. :wink:
If I am not sure I have a spam mail account.

Cheers, mib

i gave my spam mail and a wrong phone number… of course ^^

This site seems interresting, even if textures are variation ( in a hue matter ) of others.
Make a green tex, then change the hue to green, blue, yellow, purple, cyan, white, etc and you get as many textures as you want with the same base. x hours modeling and 5 minutes to set up 100 variations through a small script…

Seems to be done in a hurry for… well… i don’t know…

I’ll be watching and i don’t wanna be a snake-tongue…

Thanks anyway to the creator :slight_smile:

happy blending !