[Free Addon] Pie Menus Plus v1.0 for Blender 2.8+

Hello! I just released an Add-on called Pie Menus Plus, can you guess what it does? :rofl: Anyways, yes I made a Pie Menu Add-on that extends functionality beyond what any of the built-in pies and built-in pie add-ons can accomplish.

I am very open to ideas, bug reports and workflow concerns, this will be an ongoing project for me especially considering I actually use this workflow for my own stuff. Lemme know what you think if you do try it out, either in the replies here or even through discord @ razed#2764 if that is your speed.

I won’t be putting all of the features in here, but I will showcase the main new tool I developed for it and put the main description of the add-on right below the Gumroad link that has the full feature list.


Description: Pie Menus Plus is an add-on structured around creating a fully functioning pie menu ecosystem that extends usability beyond what the built-in pie menus are capable of. Additionally, Pie Menus Plus exposes many commonly used parameters and operators that while commonly used, would otherwise be buried under inconvenient panels and sub-menus. These parameters have been moved directly into the contextually relevant pies.


That looks useful, thanks for sharing it!

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No problem :smiley: If you have any workflow concerns or bugs you’ve found you know where to find me lol

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Awesome, love the origin pie menu!
I’d love to see an Add object pie

I’m not a heavy pie menu user, in fact I disabled all I could from what it comes with the vanilla Blender.
But these, I’m enjoying your pie menus!

The Edit Origin in particular, extremely handy. I notice that it’s also possible to snap the origin to the middle of an edge but I failed to find a similar behavior for faces (maybe it’s just not possible? or simply, I didn’t find it?)

There actually is a way to this, and it is in the add-on too! My methods are pretty inefficient so I hid it in the settings tab for the add-on but otherwise, it exists. I wouldn’t recommend using undos like the operators tool-tip already explains and that applies even more when you enable the face snapping feature. I am going to be pushing Edit Origin as an optional tool in the next update because of the problems I faced with the undo system that I don’t really know how to fix, and have researched aggressively to attempt to do so.

Also, thank you for enjoying the pies :smile: more to come in the future!

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An Add Object Pie is already in my list of things to do, but it probably won’t get pushed for a while as a feature. I have been brainstorming ideas so when I do finally make it, it can be something special. If you have any requests for the Add Pie or any pie for that matter lemme know. :smiley:

Found it! I’ll be careful :wink:

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I pushed update v1.1 earlier this morning, decided to post now :smile: Its main purpose is to port the add-on to Blender 2.83.0 LTS but it adds some other goodies like Edit Cursor (same deal as Edit Origin).

Full patch notes here: https://gumroad.com/razed/p/pie-menus-plus-v1-1-patch-notes

Gumroad: https://gumroad.com/l/piesplus

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This is getting better and better!

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link is not work. And instead of pie menu can we have a list menu. Instead of both hand tab with keyboard and other hand using pie menu. Like with double click should have a pie menu or list menu

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Interesting, the links to the Gumroad page works for me… Let me know if you figure this out or not :smile:

The goal of this add-on is strictly pie conversion and for the most part my pies just build off of pre-existing list contexts within native Blender. For cases where it doesn’t already exist Blender in list format I recommend looking to a different add-on or to utilize the quick favorites functionality.

If you could elaborate I would appreciate it, do you mean you think a system where a single press brings up a pie and a double press brings up a list? I personally don’t see the benefit of a system like this, I am a pretty pie-leaning user in general though.

I mean pressing 2 different input. 1 hand keyboard for pressing tab and other hand mouse to access pie menu. Like photoshop when double click it open the pop-up to open file. Same way if u tab click in 3d viewport the pie menu should appear.

Its still not work. i tried in 2 different machine same issue 404 error

OK, I think I understand what you mean now. I am not sure if it is possible to join two different keybindings to accomplish a single action unfortunately. You should be able to make certain keybinds work on only double press, so Tab x2 in this case otherwise it just changes contexts normally. That might be an okay replacement for what you want.

Hmm, well I don’t really know what is causing it. Try accessing the Pies add-on through my Gumroad profile, and if that doesn’t work you can download v1.1 directly from the public Google Drive link below:

Gumroad profile: https://gumroad.com/razed

Google Drive direct download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DCQ-TjZF6qevxXJfBWPCYeg0ol9Jd3gq/view?usp=sharing

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I have just released v1.2 of Pie Menus Plus! A lot of new things and fixes so I recommend checking out the Patch Notes if you are a pre-existing user :smiley:. This release is intended for 2.90 but will still work in older versions of Blender (all the way down to 2.80).

v1.2 Patch Notes (top post): https://gumroad.com/razed/posts

Gumroad Page: https://gumroad.com/l/piesplus


Hi @razed,

Your add-on sounds interesting. Two questions:

  • Are you still actively developing the add-on? The last Github release dates from August, and this thread was also not touched for three months until I posted this reply. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Is there an overview of the various pie menus you can have a look at before downloading and installing it? That’d be useful.


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Hey Metin, Yes! Pie Menus Plus is and will probably always be in development for the duration of my time using Blender. While the latest release on the GitHub is three months old, the last time I updated the repository was 11 days ago… I usually save releases on the Git page for when I update it on other platforms such as Gumroad.

While Pie Menus Plus is always in dev, I do have other scripting projects that are actively being worked on and those do usually take priority.

As far as documentation, its basically non-existent. I made a goal to create docs for every add-on I release post-Pie Menus Plus release (which I did for GrabDoc, one of my other add-ons) but I just haven’t gotten to making it for this add-on yet :confused:. My recommendation to you is to go through each pie you are interested in and just use them individually to get a feel for it.

I do understand the importance of documentation for something like this, I have had to show several friends the benefits of having certain menus in pies rather than in normal context menus when I could have probably just made a video for it :rofl:

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Clear, thanks. And no problem, I’ll download and install Pie Menus Plus. Looking forward to exploring it. :+1:

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