Free Adjustable Cables and Wire "system"

Hi all.

I was struggling with modelling cables every time when I want to model robot etc. So I’ve decided to create “base system” for speeding up my work. So here it is, now it’s only one model. Do you think it will be useful for You? I’m planning to create library of cables wires etc in this way (with materials), but I’m not sure if anybody would be interested in using it? Aaa and it will be free of course

How it’s works:

There are 4 handles:

  • Main for snapping start point
  • Second for end point ( use SNAP to surface)
  • to adjust stiffness and angle of cable, move or scale “Scale to adjust stiffness” handle
  • Length will be adjusted automatically, but in some cases, you will need to make some tweaks by hand (Array count slider - use “move” to increase or decrease amount of segments)

If someone want to try it here is link to blend via WeTransfer:

I haven’t done any work that uses cables and such, but that would be quite useful if I ever did. It seems to work pretty well. I don’t know if it’s possible or not, but one thing that might be good would be to have a slider or something that could turn the visibility of the control objects on or off for each separate cable. It just seemed like if there were a lot of cables it might be difficult to see the model you’re working on with how many control objects there would be. Are planning on putting it on when it’s done? You might be able to find more people who would need it there.


but I cannot get the file
can you upload it here

so we can test how it works


Yes - - would love to test it out.

sorry for late respond :smiley: I will do, give me 1 day :stuck_out_tongue: i have to find clean - user friendly version :smiley:

Great idea , yes i want to try this :eyebrowlift2:

That’s all right :smiley: It really is a great system you had made. It will be interesting to see what you come up with for the next version :slight_smile:

i cannot find the link for file
anyone can PM file

happy bl

RickyBlender - I would send it to you, but for some reason I can’t seem to find that original one he made on my hard drive even though I know I had saved it somewhere. Sorry about that, I’ll let you know if I find it. Hopefully he’s able to get another version done soon :slight_smile:

edit someone gave me a copy of file
but now how does this work

so may constraints !

let’s hope so

would like to understand how it works

happy bl

In near future I’m going to give away, collection of my sci-fi asset with this cable included, stay tuned. Of course for free :slight_smile:

You got more assets? And you’re giving them out for free? Thanks Tobiasz, I’ll definitely look forward to that.