Free basemeshes

So, I made a retopology add-on that can wrap base meshes on sculpts/scans. I thought I would be nice to also distribute some base meshes for people who just arent into making their own.

Instead of selling them along with the add-on, I’ll just be making them and sharing for free here.

Edit: forgot to mention I accept feedback and suggestions on the topology since I want to make more basemeshes.

Here’s the first basemesh

download:basemesh 1.blend (702.5 KB)


The Addon is awesome. I think I saw this technique based on some mesh fitting algorithm that work with advanced neural networks.

Is really impressive that you get such results with a simple cloth simulation. It works as expected.

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Haha, yeah, the cloth simulation part was kinda accidental but as soon as I noticed what it could do I couldn’t help it but make it even more cloth-like.

But I needed to break all the 3 laws of motion so it only looks like cloth but isnt that realistic.

Awesome mate

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Nice project. But… what’s wrong with MakeHuman?

It’s free too, and you can instantly make new basemeshes for humans with sliders to control age, gender, muscles, fat and height.

Also, your exported projects to Blender comes with built-in rig with both IK and FK.

Nothing wrong with makehuman, I just like to make basemeshes.

Because MakeHuman might not fit the esthetic/art direction you’re looking for.