Free Blender 3D model

Greetings to all my fellow blender heads. :smiley:

Here is something I’m giving back to the awesome open source community, I’ve seen quite a lot of blender 3D logos out there and just thought this is where I should start. :smiley: After asking for so much help in the past 2 years, just thought I owe the awesome community something. I tried to keep the model a clean as possible.

The .blend file consist of three blender 3D logos. I’ve modeled the writing “blender” as the original font is set. :slight_smile: I made the models in blender 2.49b so it should work for everyone above 2.49b.

Hope my fellow blender heads like it. :slight_smile:


BLENDER Logos.blend (815 KB)

Perfect! Very good work!
I’ve just one question can everybody use it in his game and publish it? Or is there any problem with the license???

You can do with the model whatever you like, all I ask is that if you use it as is just say I made the original model, I don’t want anything else, this is free for all uses, non-commercial and commercial, I made the model for you guys the open source community :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure that i will use it and of course put you in the copyrights :wink: Thanks alot!

Well done, I may use this as well. Nice contribution.

Edit: Nice to still see things for 2.49.:stuck_out_tongue:

Ahem! My two cents, Ofc all the normal Blender logo rules apply. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you so much!