Free Blender campaign launched!

(ton) #1

Brand new site:

and this works again too:

(LethalSideP) #2

WOOHOO!!! And so it begins…

All the best, Ton - we’re all rooting for you! :smiley:


(acasto) #3

WOW!- the site looks nice.

Way to go Ton, thanks for all you do!!

(ilac) #4

Good Luck!

Hope it works out :slight_smile:

(beatabix) #5


plus, added incentive --> more than 250 members and publisher becomes free to members! that means 12500 euros, a pretty decent amount.

short term goals are a good thing. they make the long term goal seem more managable. :smiley:

only problem is, ton will have to work something out for those who already bought publisher.

oh well, bridge to be burnt some other time i guess.


(Dittohead) #6

And ton sayeth:

Let there be Blender and let it beith freeith!


(Timonides) #7

Hello Ton!!! :smiley:

A MoneyMeter???

He, he, he…

Well, this satisfies me completely (and I also hope VelikM).

Good work Ton…

Thanks for all you are doing for Blender.


(blengine) #8

my cheeks hurt…too much smiling… if i get a permanent muscle cramp from this happiness, im going to sue the blender foundation for them 100,000 euro! then ill start my own program called blander…itll be cool…itll be blenders tools, with the interface of sideXfects =D

ton, the sight is beautiful, my eyes teared as i paged through it, u are certainly doing an impressive job so far, ill be regiustering as a member this weekend when my paypal account is up, good luck

(saluk) #9

Great site, Im glad the drive has finally officially started. I’ll definately become a member as soon as I can.

(IngieBee) #10

Yeeeeeee Haaaaaaa, I’m a member!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Who will be next to join me??? I DARE YOU TO MAKE THIS A SUCESS!

TON IS THE GREATEST (er, I don’t know what exactly but…) ABSOLUTLY THE GREATEST

(VelikM) #11

I just became a member, for the same reason I bought a Publisher license, to help support Blender.

Tickled pink and happy as a clam, Blender is risen once again, as the phoenix from the ashes.

Great job on the new site!
Hats off to Ton, [email protected] and Tim for a job well done.

(paradox) #12

Great now is the time for people to put their money where their mouth is. I plan on becoming a member but have to wait until I get paid on the first of the month. Like Mike I bought publisher to support Blender and I will be come a member to support Blender.


(IngieBee) #13

OOOOHHHHH, look at the money meter! It’s heading toward the 10k mark!!! AWSOME!!! Hey, don’t forget, you can pledge the money, especially if you can’t pay now. It’s just as good!!! Please do!!!

Love ya’all

Wow, 6k since I went to bed last night, I really think we can do it!!!

Love Ya!!! Yeeeeee Haaaawwwww Ingie

(Xampersand) #14

Credit card warm.

Foundation membership secured.

Blendering without limits.

That’s a pretty nifty way to end the work week.

(CurtisS) #15

Let’s just hope the momentum continues. A quick start is to be expected as the hardcore users jump on the bandwagon. Some corporate input would sure be nice.

(S68) #16

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: /me is in…


(steve343) #17

im definatly gonna become a member.

gotta pay off whats on my credit card first tho.
2.25 woooooo