Free Blender Game

(jrt) #1

Hi all,
Would anyone like to tryout my Free Blender game. I saved it in runtime exe.
It seems to speed up play as others have already said. I’ve used Ton’s photo for my character, (Hope you don’t object Ton! Thanks for Publisher buy the way, it’s great) This is my first character animation, it’s a bit basic.

I would have liked to put a little more content in the game (like an evil code sorcerer to do battle with) but at the rate the fund total is rising and the speed I do characters it might not be topical by then.

There’s also version 2 of my Space City game. All my own graphics this time, much smaller file. Hope it will play on more machines.

 Thanks,    John.

Get the games here.

(S_W) #2

The game is good, but the screen resolution is changed to a very high level :frowning: (I have a 1024 x 768 Pixel screen). Couldn’t you simply create a file that doesn’t change the screen resolution? That would be great! :wink:

(jrt) #3

Hi S W,

I made another version in 1024x768 but when I tried it the sounds and controls had got mixed up, so I’ve uploaded the blend files instead. (Will sort it out later) When I made the first one I set the resolution in Publisher to fullscreen. Does
that take the resolution of the computer it’s made on, because I’m running on 1152x864.

Liked your Game Deployer by the way. Can you tell me why when I save a game with it, the screen is filled completely but when I use Publisher there is a black border round it?

Thanks John.

(jrt) #4

Have uploaded a 800x600 Free Blender Game. Hope this one will be more acceptable

Cheers John

(S_W) #5

Thank you jrt, the game is now much more enjoyable! :slight_smile:

The GameDeployer uses Blender and not, like the Publisher, a standalone player. :wink:

(jrt) #6

Thanks S_W. I’m off to change my other games now. Have you noticed any speed increase with Publisher?

I don’t know if it’s my system or not, but when I try to make exe files from games made in Blender 2.23 some of the controls etc. get changed around. I tried my Cloud Hopping game but a lot of the sounds had glitches. Seems I’ve got a lot more reading to do. Guess I’ll get there in the end.

Cheers jrt.

(S_W) #7

No, not really, but perhaps the game doesn’t need very much memory, so that you can’t notice any difference.