Free camera tracking programs?


Enyone heard if there are any free camera tracking programs available?



I can neme 2: Icarus and Voodo.

Icarus is no longer available for download but maybe you can find some kind soul to mail you a copy. There is an old Icarus2blend script (2.23) that works which probably makes it the best choice.

Leon wrote an unfinished import script for it which you can find by searching for his posts in the P&P forum. It’s buggy and some of the coordinates are flipped but it does import data, just maybe not useful data.

The following are alpha or pre-alpha research projects and may be of interest to you or others:

And if you’re into the research stuff here are some links:

Caronte was also in contact with a developer (though I don’t remember the proggy) trying to get him to write Blender capabilities into his code. If it happens he is sure to let us know.