Free CG books for anyone in The Netherlands

Hey all!,

It’s been a while since I visited the forum but I just found a good reason to do so. I’m cleaning out a closet and found some books that might be interesting for some people here. Since I owe the Blender community so much I offer them for free / shipping only for anyone in The Netherlands. (No offense to the international blenderheads, I just don’t want the hassle of shipping). You’re also more than welcome to pick them up at my house if you live anywhere near Leiden, NL. DM me if you’re interested.

The books:

  • Alan Watt - 3D Computer Graphics (coding related)
  • Owen Demers - Digital Texturing & Painting
  • Jeremy Birn - Digital Lighting & Rendering

Hey it’s great to see you here again Roel!

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:wave: Nice to see you hanging around here also Bart!

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