Free character it's my first.

Hello long time since it posted here, this is my first rig, character and animation ever. I made it from the BSOD tutorial and it took about 6-7 work days to make and i will release it here with the blend file, animation and some pictures, hope you like and if you want to animate it have me in the credits or if you do something else. Download the animation if you want bigger screen size instead of watching it on youtube and don’t be to harsh to me afterall it’s my first character and rig and animation and please give constructive criticism instead of vulgar.

YouTube movie


AVI Format (might not work)

WMW Format

The Character


Credit to Ryan Dale who made the Tutorial

That’s not exactly a free character. That’s the guy who made the tutorial’s. I mean, technically it’s free, but… It’s from the tutorial. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would disagree. BlenderTweeby actually made the model, doesn’t matter where the instructions came from. Althoug a credit towards the tutorial author would certainly be nice :cool:

That being said, there is a completed version of the model available directly from the wiki and B.T.'s version looks pretty much the same, so as nice as the offer was, it’s kind of pointless, unless some kind of mofiication has been made to the model or rig :smiley:


I also agree with mike_s.