Free Custom made Motion Capture for Game Developers

Hi I am Buddhi from Australia. We want to spread our business net work therefore we would like to offer free motion capture services (limited time) for game developers who are serious bout their project with some experiences.

What is in this free offer?
We will capture up to 20 free humanoid motions according to your request.
We will capture, edit, bind, merge, loop them way that you want to.
We will deliver them in popular formats such as FBX, BVX and C3D

As I mentioned before, all the capturing and editing completely free but you have to pay for the Actor fee which is Aus $25 per hour. We would love to keep this offer completely free but this is something we can’t control. Hope you guys understand this.

Anyway if you guys interested to take a advantage of this. please let us know your project.
[email protected]

Cheers Buddhi
Motion Capture keeps your dream Alive!!!