Free distributed render farm for Blender "Gabbler"

Free distributed render farm for Blender
Free rendering!!!
Multi platform: Linux (deb, rpm, pkg), Windows
Single frame and animation supported:
Tiled single frame
Progressive single frame
Layered single frame
CPU and GPU supported:
Get Started Eeasy:
Render your project on render farm and render other people projects on your computer:
1.Download and install node and plugin
2. Register node at first start
3. Add your project and keep node running
4. Recieve results

Download linck

thanks for sharing, this looks very interesting!

Can you give some more details about how this “free rendering” works? Is there a way to use this within my own home network without being connected online?

Tkz a lot !
videotutorial are appreciate too

I wan’t to try it!
But there are only rpm/deb archives
Can you share packages via github, or pack it to tar?
Thank you.

ps: my system is gentoo

I want to try it too, but no macOS version for node or plugin. Can be at least the plugin be isolated from the blender version you have to download to from the web? I mean, just the plugin, not the whole blender. This way could be usefull it in “master” mode.

looks nice, but I guess by now I’ll stay with sheepit:
It’s allready tested, has a point system, e.t.c.

Only better solution I can imagine would be a Peer-to-peer solution…

How often do you use renderfarm? Are queues long?

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i use it once in a while too. i render other peeps stuff some times to gather points, and then when i need to render sth myself, theres almosr no queue. really great.

same for me. If you have points, you render almost immediatelly, a week-long render can be done in 5-10 hours. Sheepit is really great and mature in many ways. I sent them money several times allready, the guy who does it deserves it.

Thanks guys!

It’s really useful information you share here with all of us. Just two more questions, more technical I guess. So getting to the point, is it hard to get some points? And how secure are blends assets? Are they encrypted on host machine for and decrypted straight to node memory when rendered? It’s not a big deal but I am just wondering. Thanks in advance!

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Hi guys !!!
I have tried the Gabbler render farm, but all of the machines that i have tried are banned…
Why? Cannot see any error messages in the log…

Getting points is easy as can be. Just download the client and run it. You will be rewarded for every frame rendered. Instantly. They also grant rewards for “achievments” like 50 frames rendered or hours of consecutive rendering.
Your second point… I remember reading something about scene files temporarly in memory could be read. I really don’t know how much of a security issue this is. I think it depends on usecase. For sensible client data this might be inappropriate. But then there also should be enough funds to use professional services.

Yes but if there are funds why not to use Maya, Modo or 3DSMAX or Cinema4D? Of course all the security can be break down and I understand that Blender is about open community but still such solution is pretty interesting and I guess it would be chosen by the most if they had a choice.

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Well, I was refering to professional renderfarms, as there will discretion about your files be granted. Why a lot of small studios and freelancers are not using the products you mentioned should be pretty clear.
I just referred to the usage of distrubeted (private) rendering service opposed to closed renderfarms. They are also pretty cheap and I think it’s no problem to charge a client for that. Also don’t forget you can actually calculate your rendertime. A big thing considering deadlines etc…
For personal projects I would’nt hasitate to use sheep-it unless you are absolute possitive that noone should see what you’re doing. Because the last rendered frame will be displayed in the client.