FREE DivX player?

Hi all,

Not sure if this is the right place to post this thread but I figured it has quite a lot to do with Blender as DivX is a popular format to use when distributing animations made with Blender.

I’m currently using WINAMP but none of the DivX plugins appear to work so I’m wondering if there is a dedicated DivX player that I can downlaod and use for free.



you know divx comes with a player right?
use the : Standard DivX codec link [below the table, kind of hidden]

the only ad I know it has is the watermark when playing divx files which disappears after a few seconds

And you can disable that in the codec settings.


Two Qs:

Does it have SpyWare?

Does it attempt to connect to the Internet?

if i recall correctly it does attempt to connect to the internet, but any firewall will block it.
<edit> also it’s the most reliable divX player i’ve seen thus far.

Don’t do it man , it includes Claria AKA gain AKA gator - very bad stuff

Use Mplayer - Mplayer will play basically anything… Does someone with windows know the best windows download location?

I personnally use BSPlayer:
Lots of skins, lightning fast and supports OGM, MKV, external subs, external audio and other useful goodies.


Don’t do it man , it includes Claria AKA gain AKA gator - very bad stuff

I believe there are two versions… divx codec pro (with gator and spyware) and divx free… this doesn’t include spyware… so download that one…

And even though… if you download divx pro or any other… run adware.exe program to detect and remove spyware…this is a good idea anyway since it may find that your system has spyware allready … since microsoft puts spyware out there too … I believe alexa is one of them…

So whatever you do … download adaware from


Just thought I’d say,

The reason I’m looking for a DivX Player is because the DivX plugin for winamp doesn’t work with the latest release. If you know of any good, functional DivX plugins for the latest version of winamp then this would be a satisfactory alternative for me.


there is a newer version of winamp than 5.03a?

I can play divx just fine…

bsplayer is nice, it really messes up on some systems however

I sometimes use vlc [videolan client], it supports some codecs I don’t otherwise have a player for. [or didn’t until recently]. Its interface isn’t great and it is prone to crashing however

Sorry about the late reply,

Still can’t play DivX :frowning:

z3r0 d:

Are you using a DivX plugin with winamp and if so, which plugin.



I have installed no additions to winamp

If I was you, I’d delete all your codecs and players, then get BS Player, and ffdshow. that should play just about any movie.