Free download Blender Themes for Blender 3.0

Hello Blender User in this article I will show you, How to download free Blender theme for blender 3.0 you also can use in Blender 2.80 and above

Many Blender user feel boring during using Blender 3D software. One of the reason is because The Blender interface or in other words because of the Themes. With this boring feeling the user will force to do his task or take it time to rest. In general all problem has solution therefore one of the problem during using Blender 3D software you can get the solution here.

All Blender user know when come to creating Blender Themes it will take a lot of time also if they create Themes and using it all over the years they will become boring to using it. When they search in Internet or google they will find Blender Themes but The problem is majority Theme in Internet or google search is outdate Theme and you cannot use in new Blender version. Therefore with this problem what is the best solution to get free and update themes?

With this problem Blender Themes website is lifesaver for you. With this website you can find collection of Blender Themes. If you boring using Themes you get it from Blender Themes gumroad site you can search another Blender Themes gumroad site . Also all Themes is Updated version you can use Themes in latest Blender version also current version Blender 3.0 . If you has problem during using Themes you can inbox Blender Themes developer with send screenshot to give location of problem in artstation/blenderthemes site and Blender Themes developer will fix it for you.

You can get free Blender Themes here >
Inbox Blender themes developer here >

That’s all, hope this article can help you to solve your problem during using Blender 3D software. Happy Blendering :-).

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thanks,there are so many themes to chose,very useful!

Gumroad is depressing.
All the Blender Community turned its back to Blenderswap to make a few boxes, and now getting every little improvement to this open source software implies:
-to be identified on the site
-a bank account
-and a credit card
Can’t we just keep on sharing things for fun and for free in the 3rd millenium?


lies. it’s not free.


there are ZERO free themes on that site in the link lol. duh

tbf, you are commenting on a year old thread. mebbe they were free back then? >shrugs<

Hi @BlenderThemes :wave:

Have you thought of uploading your themes to the new Blender Extensions Platform ?

It would be cool (handy) to be able to install your themes this way.