Free drawing software for concept art used in Blender?

I want to get into modeling with Blender, but I would like to have a software where I can draw the concept of environments, models etc. The problem is that I don’t know which software to use. Currently I am just doing this as a hobby, but if it turns out fine after a few years, I will consider making it my profession. For now I just want a free, powerful and consistently updated software (Like blender :wink: ) that I can draw with and import the files into blender for reference. Any suggestion? (inkscpape? Krita? Gravit Designer? Anything else?)

I would highly recommend Krita (free). Not only because you can do concept art with it, but also because moving over to Photoshop (industry standard) is very easy. I found the transition really easy.

If you’re interested in boosting your concept art skills, I belong to a concept art Discord channel that’s really helpful with critique. Jeremy Fenske runs weekly streams and sometimes gives feedback. Good vibes too.

There is also Mypaint, Gimp, FireAlpaca, Medibang

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Autodesk Scetchbook is pretty nice for concept scetching.

If you like Autodesk spying on you over your shoulder while you sketch sure.

I personally think that there is no reason for OP to use anything beyond Blender, Krita and Inkscape. All these tools offer at least %90 of known similar commercial products features which some offered are free or almost free wtih strings attached.

I don’t mind. I wear my tinfoil hat while I’m sketching my super secret plans. :+1:

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Sure, no pressure. I do not think Autodesk is after your super secret projects. If Autodesk rocks your boat well , that is cool for sure.

Thx everyone, guess I will try krita then. Just want to make sure, is krita still under active development? and what about its community and learning resources? is it enough for a complete beginner?

Here’s another one: - feels alike Mischief :wink:

There’s also… oldie goldie

Check Out the SPRING production. All things done in Blender are based on David Revoy’s wonderful artwork produced in … KRITA.

I’m confident it’ll serve you well.

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Looks promising. However Win only again. If we just could have a infinite canvas app for Linux.

This one has interesting approach. I’ve heard good things about it.

Mypaint is infinite canvas (size wise, not depth) but it uses pixels (unlike Mischief)

OP looks for a free tool.

Oh, would be nice if you’d specify when requesting, with your question… mypaint, yup

Also, Paintstorm Studio (~$20) might be worth considering with Linux version in development

Oh, didn’t know that. Tanks for the reminder. Just tried it and it feels nice for just exploring ideas.

Ah, I missed that. However it’s still pretty cheap though.

Sorry, that was just a personal interjection. Wasn’t connected to OP’s intention.

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Plus One for Krita. Excellent development history, great painting and drawing tools. Layers, filters, lots to love for an open source program. I throw them a donation every now and again to help out, plus I’ve purchased their training DVD and am looking at getting one of their books.

Wow, Krita really sounds good. Already started using it, so far so good. Didn’t know Krita plays such an important role in the development of SPRING. All my doubts has been cleared. Thx guys!
Btw I am so hyped for Blender 2.8:star_struck: