[Free] Dynaprim - node based mesh primitive addon

hey everyone,
I’ve been testing the new geometry nodes and trying my hands on scripting addon.So i came up with this addon.

This addon allows you to create mesh primitives based off geometry nodes. Useful for creating blockouts as mesh primitives parameters can be changed anytime.
To make the mesh editable, while keeping the modifiers, use-> convert to mesh
To make mesh editable- user convert to mesh and to collapse complete modifier stack, use-> collapse mods



Hoping you find it useful.

blender 2.9[path issue fixed]
dynaprim.zip (112.8 KB)

blender 3.0[path issue fixed]
dynaprim.zip (104.5 KB)


Hi. This is a very convenient add-on. Thank you for creating it!

(it reminds me a bit of Wonder Mesh: BlenderMarket - Github)


This will probably make a lot of people happy who have been looking for parametric mesh primitives inside blender. Looks like you made it really convenient too with the Dynamic Primitives panel and buttons to convert them. People who aren’t into geometry nodes won’t even know thats whats driving these. :+1:

I have the feeling you wrote this for 2.93 though? Because it doesn’t work for 3.0 and 3.1 Since a lot of changes happened to geometry nodes its probably wise to write it directly for 3.0 and up otherwise this will break as soon as 3.0 releases.

It works really nicely in 2.93! :slight_smile:

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Nice! Thanks for making this.

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am glad you guys have liked it
I was waiting for final 3.0 as it may change or may have this inbuilt, however i have fixed it for 3.0 and included it as well


This looks nice and has too many features, i have just implemented a ui for geometry nodes primitive

That makes sense but thanks for making a 3.0 compatible version anyway! :+1: