Free Full Anatomy Model

I believe I’ve seen people ask for such a thing in the past. Here is a full anatomy model that is freely available. It comes in just over 930 separate .obj files and the lower res version comes in at just over 4 million polys

Original thread and screenshots
Download and licence

What’s the license?

From the link above


That thing is HUGE! The model zip file that is 99% reduced is still 128MB

When brought into blender the compressed blend file is 142MB
Attached is a screenshot showing the kind of complexity


thanks for the Link. It’s Huge :wink:

Got so excited by this I forgot to check if it had been posted already. Sorry!
This is quite awesome reference indeed. :smiley:

Thankyou Richard.

Great resource! TNX Richard ! :slight_smile:

thx, Richard Marklew, but how do I load them all at once in Blender? It seems only one import of obj is allowed inside Blender.
I tried to load all obj’s in Zbrush with subtool master, but it won’t work - no error, no nothing (well it works on some parts, but searching for broken ones manually is just too much work).

I used zbrush . Import one obj then used subtool master to load in the others. I then merged the subtools into one and exported to .obj with the groups option enabled so when imported into blender each of those original subtools comes in as its separate object

Now someone needs to fully rig it. :smiley:

This is a great set of human anatomy structures! Thanks!

But I have a problem with it: I’m trying to use it to model a 3d brain, but after importing just the brain structures, I get two separate groups of brain structures, moved away from one another in space, and one group is “shrunk” in scale in comparison to the other group, which is making them impossible to actually use.

  1. And I’m curious: how did you make the “mri”-looking “slice” down the spine in your example screenshot above?

  2. And I was able to load multiple .obj files, in 2.49b, by just using its included import .obj script, IF I (eventually!) followed its directions and held <shift> down when selecting the script from the <file> menu, AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY, did NOT try to SELECT the final directory containing the relevant files when the selector control showed up, but rather selected the directory ABOVE the actual desired directory, and then MANUALLY TYPED THE CORRECT DIRECTORY NAME into the input field next to the <cancel> button. When I do that, it then imports all the .obj files in the TYPED IN directory into Blender.

If you were to, instead, (after <shift> select the .obj import script), actually SELECT the desired directory, then it shows all the files in that directory, as if to select ONE of them, or TRY to select them all (won’t work!), and nothing I tried from that point worked to load any files, which is why I eventually tried TYPING the desired directory into the lower field, which did work.

  1. However, the fact that I get two separate groups, moved away from one another and one shrunk smaller makes me wonder if this is inherant to the files as downloaded, or if it’s an artifact from the import method I used.

Did YOU get any such result when you imported the files???

  1. And I’m curious: how did you make the “mri”-looking “slice” down the spine in your example screenshot above?
    Using the clipping border (Alt+B) and then taking a screenshot of the 3d view.

You can download the full model as a blend file here 140 MB

Here’s a script if anyone wants to import a large number of obj files. Change the basedir variable to the path of the folder containing the files. :slight_smile:

import bpy
import os

basedir = "put the path here"

for obj in os.listdir(basedir):
    bpy.ops.import_scene.obj(filepath=os.path.join(basedir, obj))

So…? is it Huge?..

My 4Gb of RAM are just capable of the low-res version. And is suposedly only 1% of the high-res.

I’m not sure how, but I did get the .blend into 2.49b with 2gigs; but now I’m wondering if there is some way to chop off the body from the neck down, so I could have just the head, from which I might associate the named parts from the compositesPartList.txt file. Or, are the parts names (well, the number names, like BPxx, or FMAxxxx) included somewhere in the blend and I missed them?

Or cause all objects within a bounded area to be selected, so I could know which meshes aren’t in the head area?

There are multiple objects in the blend file. They are not named since I couldn’t be bothered naming each of the hundreds of objects.
You can append a group of objects, if they are not the right ones delete them and import another lot until you have all the parts you want.

Yeah, there are a lot of them, aren’t there! :slight_smile: Originally I wrote a program to run through the composites.txt file and selectivly replace the BP & FMA numbered file name with the anatomical name from that list, but that won’t work with the mesh names, since there’s no correlation between them.

But I think I like your suggestion, it sounds better than trying to select body objects one at a time directly from the 3d view, since that goes real slow on my system; selecting from the outline list works much faster, though I’m not yet familiar with how append works.

So, thanks, I’ll give append a try!

(edit) ok, append works for me, though it’s laborious and, I discovered, somewhat prone to error on my part for really small parts, of which there are a lot! So I’m wondering if there’s a way to: some particular object at about neck height, (mesh 116 is ok), and get its z-location, and then
2.write a script that would delete any object with less than that z-value for its location?