Free give away: Seamless frosty textures for your windows ( winter scenes)

Here is a few high resolution and seamless textures I created by using AE and Pixplant. This is frosty textures that you can apply to your windows when do winter scenes. It’s looking very cool once done. I had to make it on my own because there was nothing like that in internet. You can use it for your projects, no need to give me a credit.

They would be better if the distribution pattern wasn’t so even and neat looking.

Have some clustering and thin areas for instance, have variation in size as well (not all ice crystals tend to be created equal).

Perhaps you right, but more precise result could be achieved maybe if I was doing something manually, so by deleting and repositioning patterns in Photoshop. But everything was generated in AE, so I was playing around with fractal noise effect and vector blur. Anyways, it looks cool once applied, also you can add color ramp or subtract it from another noise texture or even from same texture with different scale or rotation, if you want of course to adjust to your tastes :slight_smile: