Free hand model

Had some time to try and model again (long weekend :))

Here is a hand I made (blend file under the pictures):

Here is the blend

Edit – Tutorial whose topology I used – End edit

Have fun,

great topology! pretty heavy but, very good and thanks for the .blend to study (and while I’m feeling grateful thanks for those video tutorials)

Thanks. Looking good to.

lovely modeling done here i like the layout and thanks for the file

i think you should sell it on turbosquid

Thanks for this greybeard.


First off, this could be entirely be my hand and the few hands I searched through on a gis, but they all seem to have a substantial extra bit of mussle on the lower part of the thumb. Also, the tendons should be a lot skinnier and more pronounced as you move from left to right, particularly the thumb where it connects to the knuckle. And the tendons should move more towards the center of the wrist, mostly talking about the pointer fingers tendons.

I can really only give these critiques as an observer and artist as I am still very new to blender. I’ve watched nearly if not all of the videos you put up on the site and I know I’ll be referring to them as I make my way through blender. Thank you for putting them up, they are very appreciated and the model is very good.

My first thought was “Wow! nice hand!”, then I looked a little closer. I agree with the Leldorion’s comments, but there also seems to be a problem with the proportions. The fingers seem too short for the hand, or the body of the hand too big for the fingers. Also in Leldorion’s post I noticed the distances between the joints in the fingers are a little off. Too short on the middle bone (phalange?) I think?

Anyway, the nice thing about a model with such good topology is that it is easy to go in and change it later. I don’t think it would work well for a female hand, but you could alter it to be just about any kind of male hand you can think of!

Thanks for the model :slight_smile:

I agree with all your comments. I found the thumb particularly frustrating. I will keep on tweaking.

The proportions are probably a little off as I didn’t use a reference picture but just glanced at my owm hand while modelling. Easy to fix though. Improving the tendon alignment seems to make the body of the hand appear smaller as well.

Thanks for the comments,

Havew to agree with Leldorion about the hand topology. The thumb looks odd but when that’s fixt it’l be a pretty good mesh. Thanks for sharing! Would’ve been great if it’d been rigged… :slight_smile: I suck with rigging.

Your hand is looking very good, but when i compare the top view of your hand with my (real) hand, your fingers are looking a little bit short, or?

Does anybody else have trouble between step 17 thru 19 of that tutorial? It seems like there are some steps missing, or something, because it’s such a big jump in what the mesh is supposed to look like…

He’s just tweeked the existing verts a little bit and added the subsurf modifier.