Free HDRI maps, Textures and Sky Backgrounds

If you need free hdri maps, you can use my hdris I have taken in last view years. All 24 free hdri maps are 5000 x 2500px and can be used also in your commercial VIZ, but please don’t share or redistribute my files. File format: .hdr (equirectangular) Image size: 5000 x 2500px

Addionally I have over 100 free High Resolution regular Spherical Environment Maps (Image Size: 5000x2500px), Sky Backgrounds and different textures ( bricks, stone, ornaments, metal, concrete, asphalt, wood etc.) to share.

There free stuff which is also royalty free and available without registration comes from new site, sister site of

In near future you will there tiled new textures, free hdri maps and higher resolution sky Backgrounds.

Download free resources:




Great!!! thank you!

This is an incredible collection! So you say I can have all of those two pages of HDRI for just 5 euros? I would give you 50 euros for all of those 10.000 pixels HDR! Just need to check for the exposure depth of the photos. How many shot did you make for each HDR?

Freebies where taken usually from 3 shots 2EV apart. When I was taking them, I didn’t think about using them as a hdri maps for CG lightning, anyway you can give them a try!

I started to create new hdri maps with very high dynamic range - 7-9 shots (2EV apart), and it’s very difficult to capture sun as a small dot in darkest shot, but finally I did it according to suggestions from guys from NextLimit Technologies (Maxwell Render).
Anyway new hdris like skies or still landscapes, are taken from 7-9 shots to achieve highest dynamic range and therefore sharp shadows in lightning. Of course it is impossible to take 7-9 shots per one photo in some places like roads, or public spaces, because there is always a limit of time: cars, and people messing around etc. In public spaces I take only 3 shot 2EV apart, but they are still very good, because I use Nikon D800 and Nikkor lens.

If you have any special requests - let me know I’ll try to make hdris you need.

Thanks for this! I’d always love more roads.

Just uploaded one for you with 22 backplates (resized to 1500 x 1000px)

thanks! Getting it now.

You can get now 40 free skies ~5000px 16:9 ratio, jpeg 90%.

I just added 12 new hdri maps in Freebies sections


You are amazing! Thank you a lot for those.

If you’re looking for really high dynamic range images and don’t want to spend any money - you can get my latest free hdri skies.
Currently there are only 2 free hdri skies. Taken with Nikon D800 with 7 shots x 2EV step. You should achieve sharp shadows in your CG work - I haven’t test it with Cycles, but in Vray or Octane render it gives sharp shadows without any tricks like: lowering gamma or adding point light in place of sun. Just give them a try.

Free hdri sky no 1

Free hdri skyno 2

These look great, nice job!

These looks very nice and would like to try some

for cycls is there a nodes setup to show Sky map
i have some nodes set up std HDRI and Angular map but not Sky map

Are there like some sort of HDRI for night Sky may be with moon or no moon?

thank you for sharing these

Thanks for sharing these. :smiley:

Thanks a lot! very helpful to tie different scenarios.

Amazing thx!!

How did I miss this thread for so many months? One can never have too many high quality HDRI environments : ) Thank you!

i know this is an old post but just want to say ive used these many times thanks alot for your efforts

Wow, that’s great, can you send me some of your works ? I’d like to see your renderings with my hdri maps.
I am planning to take some hdri maps at night for you guys, winter in Poland is difficult, but I don’t give up!

There is a new free hdri (10.000) for car rendering with backplates 3000 x 2000 px, you can download it from my site