Free Human Model (Rigged/animated!/UV'd)

Use him for whatever you want! Allready rigged, animated, weight painted, and his UV’s are layed out, ready to be textured. The head/face could use some work, other than that he is ready for use.


Download here:


Hum_M_1.blend (974 KB)

This thread should be made sticky.

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Hey, actually, that’s not a bad idea, then other users could add to him, I’d make a female version, add more animations, make some textures, etc etc.

Woah thanks man! do you need us to creadit you?

Just my name, Dalton Mills, or my username, Mad Hatteur, somewhere would be nice. :wink:

lol theres going to be so many newb games with this character untextured as the main character

You mock the cut and paste?!!?!


Seriously though… modeling win! 600 skill points awarded.



lol theres going to be so many newb games with this character untextured as the main character

That’s the goal!

10-10, man! I always hunt around the forum for free models. Maybe I should post some up…

I’m such a noob. I can’t even view the animation. I’m scrubbing with the timeline but nothing happens.
Give me a clue please.
And thanks for posting this.

Select the armature, the bones, then go to the action editor, and where it says “blank”, open up that menu, select an action, then move the cursor back into the 3d viewport, and press alt+a to preview it.


I’m definitely not a fan of free models (I prefer creating my own), but this model is great for guys who just started to learn BGE. You’re the first one who also adds animations. But remember this model is too high poly for a simple human model. You can merge some verticles and then bake a normal map or something, then you can keep the poly count below 1K.

4/5 stars from me and should be made sticky for the beginners.

Wow - nice - doesn’t look too heavy-weight on the polygons.

Cool. Many thanks for sharing.

This is faar from a high-poly model. It’s nowhere near next-gen models either.

The screenie of the poly count is when I converted it to triangles. Plus, I’d rather keep it higher-poly, because it’s easy to take away edge loops and so forth. Just select an edgeloop, alt + lmb, then click the delete key and select “edgeloop”. If I would’ve counted four sided faces, they’re sitting at exactly 1010. I have allready made a high poly version of it, sculped it, and baked normals, but since my ati card is being stubborn, I figured I was no use.

Here are the normals from the uber-high poly I baked a while ago, just some issues with the fingers, which isn’t really noticable in the engine.

Go sticky!

Its also good for people who can’t model, like me ^^.

Looks great, I’ve been thinking about getting a nice model to test with. Saved to my hard drive :slight_smile:

WOW, thats pretty cool.:slight_smile:

Don’t foget about my other free character:

Thank you!