Free Iris Textures!

Picture this: I’m trying to do an eye tutorial with a photographic iris texture but have one problem. I don’t have any suitable textures, and is un-affordable at the moment. So I do a Google image search for eyes. 50 some pages of bupkis, with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 images. Pics are either too small, not in focus, too many highlights to fix, iris is half hidden by eye lid, .etc… Next up, image search for iris. I search through pages of flower pictures and then… Pay dirt! This company is making cameras specifically for taking pictures of the iris, and they have a lengthy page of sample pictures, all with at least 1k res. All pics are perfectly in focus, and highlights are almost exclusively in the pupil!:yes: Enjoy, I know I will. (At least until I can get a library…)

small gold deposit:smiley:

WOW! I LOVE them! They’re perfect!! I bow down to your superior…Googleosity!

…Or would it be Googleosityness? scratches head thoughtfully

Excellent, this should be made a sticky right under Madcows skymaps. V. useful.

Nice,perhaps a bit of work b4 full usage but still very nice.gj finding them!:wink:

These are about as good as you can ask for in an un-edited iris image.:wink:

[Edit] RenderRoo, no offense, just reminding you that we have an edit button so you don’t have to post twice in a row unless you’re bumping a thread.:slight_smile:

nice thanks a lot

Heh, sweet. Got a Blendernation article which was linked to at link :smiley:

Hm… don’t want to spoil it but did anyone ask for the license yet?

They are free samples, I assume you could do what you want with them.

Oh, that can be hazardous. That are just sample images for showing their technology, not thought as of give-aways, if I interpret their page correctly.

The site does not say they are free.
You are simply taking them.
I hear there is a free “Google” logo at

Yep, those aren’t for public use. Use at your own risk.

Someone who commented in the Blendernation article will be e-mailing the company. I’ll post here if he hears back either way from them.

I spoke on the phone with the creator of the images and here’s what he has to say:

Concerning the licensing of the sample images on his website:As with any original work product, these photos are protected by US copyright laws. However, I am willing to offer permission for their use in computer graphics by prior request. Simply email me and let me know how you plan to use the images. I also have a CD available that contains 100’s of images ranging from 1 megapixel to 10 megapixels (cropped and uncropped).

Or, rather than having separate stickies for each type of resource, maybe we could have just one sticky which contains links to various resources, along with info about licensing etc. Just a thought.

Good news that he is agreeable, it would’ve been unfortunate not to be able to use the images.:eek: If I had the money, I would buy one of his cameras + photoshop and start a website specifically for the purpose of making iris textures and distributing them. (kind of like, only free and limited to iris textures.) Unfortunately the next time I have 3-4 grand in my pocket it’s going towards school…:frowning:

Great find! I’m almost up to making the eyes for my latest WIP, these will at the very least help as a reference for painting my own!

Who the fuck would notice on the internet a picture of some cg generated face and recognise that the irises come from that website. Come on.

So… breaking a law if no one notices is ok? Up to what degree of law breaking?