Free Jet model?

Alright, so this is going to be an odd question but I figured I’d ask…Lately I’ve been really wanting to practice my lighting/animation/texturing. I want to make a scene with 1 or more airplanes (preferably jets). I’m a bit busy thought and don’t really have the time to make a detailed plane model. Does anyone here have a model of any planes or jets they’ve done that I could use?

This would be TOTALY for personal practice only. If by some chance it ends up good enough to use in a demo reel or something, I won’t use it until I have permission.

Anything you can give me would be great!


Not jets, but…

How about this?

I had a hard time getting the obj link to work. I ended up copying the link and pasting into a new browser tab/window to get it to work. See quick render.


I have a jet model I’d be happy to let you use, if you could point me towards a good file hoster. It’s not very detailed (it is a rather early model of mine), but it should be fairly animatable - actually, I’m using it for an animation project of my own right now.
It’s an odd looking bird, I know.

ill try and make something

Thanks guys, that should do the trick…I have one problem though. On the jet model that OBI_ron posted, I can’t get the textures to work in yafray. I’m thinking this is because they are bitmap images. Does anyone know how to get it working?

Change the bitmap images into jpegs. ie - open each image in your image program and save them as jpegs.

So…would you like me to upload my jet or not? If someone could tell me how to upload files to the forum I would appreciate it (for future reference, if not now). I’m not very clued in on all things internet.:o

or you could try searching for some free stuff at

I was hoping to not have to do that to all 68 images…and sure you can upload it, but i’m not sure how. Maybe or something?

As far as I know, Yafray does not support .bmps. So, it looks like you will have to convert them all. Start clicking… If you’re lucky, you might have a program that can do a ‘save all’ to a different format.

Does anybody know how to upload attachments directly to the forum? (as I’ve seen done) I would prefer not to have to start another account if possible.

mrhahn530: This is such a nitpicky thing, it’s embarrassing to point it out… you spelled college “collage” in your signature. Not that it’s a big deal, but they do mean different things, and it is in your signature. Now to go hide in my corner and try to make sure I didn’t make any grammer mistakes in this post. Note - I am not an English teacher.

Haha ouch…yes I think if I had to pick a worst subject ever it would be spelling. But I made that a year ago, I’ve since had enough of my friends call me an idiot to know how to spell it, i’m just too lazy to fix it, lol. But i guess I will…just for you…

Ugh, 68 images to convert, and then I doubt it will auto load them, i’ll probably have to re load them all. DAMN YOU YAFRAY!!!

mrhahn530: Sent you a PM with a link to the file - the (rather ugly) procedural texture I had on the pictures is included. Have fun.

edit: If you have not already converted the images, you can try using GimPHOTO, a repackaged version of GIMP. I haven’t used it myself, but one of the features is a batch process plugin., which allows you to open, edit, and save multiple photos at the same time. It looks like you’re saved. :smiley:
Unfortunally, I believe you will have to go back and load each image separately in Blender. I can’t think of any way to get around that.

IrfanView also does batch processing, you might want to check that out, too.

misspelling college in a sig is not that bad. i misspelled college in every yearbook i signed in senior year of high school …

i dont have any jets btw. if i decide to make one ill upload it though. around what poly count do you like. i’m wondering partially because i have a tendency to model things with games in mind