free lipsync software for poser?

does anyone know if free lipsync software (such as JLipsync and Papagayo) would work with Poser?

(btw: i also posted this same thread in the “off-topic chat” section, because i was’nt sure of where i should put it…so sorry for the double-post!)

Don’t know if it works with poser, but have you seen this.


thanks for the info, B0r3d. But if you look at my first post in this thread closely…i already know about that one…i just want to know if that (or papagayo or some other free lipsyncing software) can work with Poser some kind of way.

thanks for trying to help me though :slight_smile: .

Sorry, I should have been more careful in reading your message.

This sounds like an interesting project to try as a stand alone python app with blender hooks…

umm… If I could only convince my employer to let me work 11 hours instead of 12… :slight_smile:


(Sorry I got happyface happy.)

I am unsure if this is anyhelp, but have you checked out Poser 7. It has lipsynching.