free litterature from nvidia, gpu gems #1

there’s tons of stuf there! mainly for game devs. but maybe some tricks for software developers also.
Lightening, math behind it and example code.
Chapter 3. Skin in the “Dawn” Demo
Skin techniques behind “dawn” , just from the title I thought it was about SSS and human skin in dawn :smiley: you know sunset. not a girls name.
Chapter 16. Real-Time Approximations to Subsurface Scattering
Chapter 19. Image-Based Lighting
Chapter 37. A Toolkit for Computation on GPUs

and a lot of more stuf! I’m gonna skim through it just to get a better understanding. maybe some BGE dev can find something interesting.

actually gpu gems 2 & 3 also have free html edition to be found under ‘Documentation > Books’ @ here. :slight_smile: