Free loaf of bread!

Yes, I am giving away this free Loaf of Bread I made using images I took from loaf of french bread my mom made (hmmm it’s so good!)

It’s not the greatest, but it works.

Ladies and Gentlemen, HERE IT IS! A LOAF OF BREAD!


Load of Bread.blend (130 KB)

Hey, that’s not half bad :slight_smile:
Is there a model repository? Creating a one-stop shop for the various blends/models/scenes/rigs out there would make sense… especially when someone is making a kitchen scene and is like “man… I know I saw a bread model somewhere”.

I know what you mean, there should be one major website with blender models, not a million.

someone is making one, its in the resource section, but it’s a forum.

Thanks BTW!

The Texture isnt packed if you dont know how to go to File>External Data>Pack .blend

USE BLENDERRESOURCES!! If you want I’ll post all your models on this site: Blender Resources |

The site’s owned by me and wunderlust.

I’ll back the textures.

Killer: Ok, go ahead, add it, just link to (even though the site is under construction).