Free Matcaps

Hi guys, I created a bunch of matcaps that you can use in your projects. They are all licensed CC-BY, so you can do whatever you want :slight_smile:

The link is here:
I have tested them and trimmed away stray pixels so they work their best. Have fun with them!


Hi there, a new matcap for you guys:

It is good for sculpting, and looked somewhat like a sun, hence the name :slight_smile:
I’m uploading it to the folder. Here’s the link again:
Just in case the short link expires, cause sometimes will expire them.

Another new matcap for you guys:

This one is much better than the last one, admittedly.
I apologize for the huge image.

6 new matcaps for you guys! Go check them out.
You may notice it is reorganized into four volumes. Each contains five matcaps. I did that to make it easier to download.
On that count, there are now 20 matcaps!

Another day(three), another volume. Volume 5 contains matcaps that are simpler than my others and better for sculpting. 5 new matcaps to try out! If you can’t open .7z files, just download 7-Zip File Manager.

These look great! However, the link appears broken since the site says that the files cannot be found. Could you try zipping them and upload as an attachment?

Updated the link for if you want the matcaps.