free monsters for RPG

These were from a half finished project. Feel free to use them anyway you like.
I may use them again myself in future.

There are a number of different variants, and they have a range of weapons and some small amount of clothing and decoration, like spines or that sort of thing.

I’ve included mostly all the textures I made for them. There are GLSL textures including alpha, normal map and reflective map (makes them look slimy and shiny).
There are also baked textures for if you want to use Texture face materials.
The size and format of the textures is fairly random, as I said, it is an unfinished project which i felt others may find useful.

Only basic default and walk animations so far though, you will have to animate them for combat, death, jumping etc…

Here’s a preview:

And you can download the blend here:

Very nice!
Thanks for this.

great thanks dude!
can u make a tutorial of how u textured them?

I’m free!!!

oh, not me?
hmm, ok I will stay :wink:

The characters look really good. Very nice animations.
I like it.

thank you very much! do you know where i can find a tutorial on how to set them up to take hp from my bar when they attack? ive been looking for almost two days lol