Free moving a camera while in camera view mode.

(VorpalBlade) #1

Can anyone direct me to a good tutorial on how to free move a camera while in camera view? I’ve seen this done in video tutorials but it’s never explained. I’m trying to line up a reference photo with grid lines to match the same perspective in the photo, but it seems to be like trying to draw a perfect circle with my foot.


(michalis) #2

select camera. G = grab tool, G+mid mouse button = front back. shift+F free camera. R = rotate. That enough. Try ctrl + alt + num0 for quick placing the camera to 3d view. Sorry for my english, have fun. blender v2.49 - v2.5

(Atom) #3

Also, move the mouse over the 3d view port (any) and press SHIFT-F to fly around the screen. The mouse wheel allows acceleration forward and backward into and out of the scene.

Another little short cut I use all the time is when you are looking through a camera, ue the mouse wheel to zoom out slightly, then you will see a solid line of the camera edge. You can right-click on the solid edge to select the camera you are looking through and then use the G-Key as mentioned above.

(blarg) #4

Is there also a way to orbit or pan the camera? I find navigation pretty difficult.

(DerLandvogt) #5

you will find a link about a tutorial on the “home” of this site. This may help.

(pdwyer) #6

I’ve done the G,R and RR move in camera mode but if I want to move the camera closer to the object or further away (like a zoom but not touching the lense) I have to jump out of camera mode, set local movement and then move it and jump back to camera mode to see if I moved far enough or too far and adjust infinitum… can I make that movement while in camera mode?