Free music for your project.

Hey blenderheads,

I have a new library available for free. The only requirement is I be credited. Enjoy it and let me know if you use it in one of your projects. I would love to see the end results Thanks!
Variety Pack 01 - FREE -

Peter Gunder

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to update the latest music updates cart exist or not?

Jenis aki VRLA merupakan aki berbasis timah generasi yang ketiga yang memiliki karakteristik khusus, yang bisa mengurangi hidrogen dan oksigen dari dalam aki tanpa harus mengeluarkanya

Nice! I’ll check it out. My brother and I (and a friend and his girlfriend) have youtube channel (82.000 subs at the moment). We may use this sometime.


Great! Would love to see it if you end up using one of the songs! And if you’re needing custom music hit me up here. Thanks Romer!


Hey guys. Just a reminder to get the free music for your animations! Get it here:

Also, i’m available for custom music. Contact me here.

Thanks guys!


Very good man. I like the TITAN - Run Through ito fits my Titan moon base scene

Great sources! Thanks for sharing, guys!