Free Music Libraires

(kevin3d) #1

Can anyone recommend some free (or cheap) music librairies? I found but the registration doesn’t work. This looks like a good site 'cuz the music is sorted and you only have to pay if your film gets distributed. looks like it might have potential…

Any others?

(Eric) #2

How lazy…make your own music :stuck_out_tongue:

(Dittohead) #3

:smiley: :smiley: lol

what about those of us who have no musical talent?

(Eric) #4

What do you mean? I’ve worked hard for mine… :smiley:

(CubeFan973) #5


Please! I’ve got to get a bunch of music, and not the slightest clue of where…

And don’t say “Buy the CD” because I have no money and “Drops Of Jupiter” by Train has one good song, the others are so-so… and I don’t want them to get worse…

(kevin3d) #6

It seems that flash sits have alot of free music loops and sfx. Check out Even if you’re looking for a complete composition, you can use these short segments to create a scratch track which implies a “feel” or indicates a direction. You can then share this with a musician who can take it from there (this assumes you’re like me and can’t make your own music). Ths kind of collaboration is a blast!

I believe there are sites where you can find composers to work with. I think the ACID site might have somthing. Or go to your local music school and post a flyer saying your looking for something.

(Eric) #7

If it’s copyrighted material it’s illegal to download the mp3’s without permission.

Sorry. is a good site with alot of free music.

(kos) #8

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